A Better World for Pets

We believe that every pet is unique and special, and deserves the best possible care. We respect animal rights and the sincere love of pet owners.
Our mission is to provide verified information, and professional medical assistance, and relieve pet owners of their burden.

Meet our team

Prof Dr Danica Marković

Full professor of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine / Frendo Founder

A bird will always sing a song for those it loves.

Sofija Šojić

Frendo Director

Man has to respect nature and converse with the animal world to understand his true role on Earth.

Andrej Saljnikov

Brand Manager

Caring for animals is a long-distance journey.

Dr vet. med. Milica Aleksić

Sales Coordinator

For us, dogs are a part of life. For dogs, we are their whole life. They make our lives whole-some!

Bojana Vojinović 

Assistant Director

Animals are angels sent to earth to teach us how to love.

Frendo tim
Frendo tim