Become a (Frendo) partner

Be in a place where your passion and love for animals can turn into an opportunity for growth. Offer your unique skills, knowledge, products, or services to all pet owners who are looking for impeccable care and attention for their pets.

Why Partner with Frendo?

Frendo is a platform that connects pet lovers with all the products and services that can improve their lives. As a Frendo partner, you have the opportunity to contribute to this growing ecosystem.

Reach a Wider Audience

Your services will be visible to a diverse range of pet owners who use the application, providing you with the opportunity to meet new clients and expand your user base.


Connect with Those in Need

Users will have direct access to your services and will be able to find you easily.


Effective Promotion

Promote your services and products to targeted user groups, enhancing user experience. Via an integrated communication platform, communicate with your customers easily.


Track Analytics

With Frendo, you have access to all business data. You can track sales, analyze trends, understand customer needs, and use this information to improve your business.


Build Loyalty

Create a foundation for long-term relationships and customers that return.